Vehicle Registration Renewal

Since you have already completed the process of receiving a valid automotive registration, you are probably also aware that you are going to need to go through vehicle registration renewal sooner or later. Georgia state has made the process of annual registration renewal easy. To ensure you can get through registration renewal easily, we have detailed the steps you will need to take below:



It’s important to know that some counties will not send out renewal notifications. Typically, you will receive a notice or pre-bill within 30 days of your current registration’s expiration date. However, you are responsible for knowing when to renew regardless of whether you have received a notification from the GA DMV or not.


The notice will typically contain the following information:

  • The expiration date of your current registration
  • Cost of renewals
  • Emission inspection details
  • An online renewal identification number, if applicable.


Where to Go for Vehicle Registration Renewal

There are several ways to complete GA vehicle registration renewal. You can go to your local County Tag office, renew online, by phone, mail, or with an automated kiosk. For those who cannot complete the process online or by kiosk, renewing in-person is the easiest way to go about it.

When you go in-person, present your current driver’s license or another acceptable identification card, as well as proof of auto insurance, and, if necessary, proof of a completed emissions inspection.

If you didn’t receive a notification or pre-bill, you will need to fill out the Form MV-1 (Title/Tag Application) instead.


Renewal By Internet

Not all counties participate in online vehicle registration renewal. For those that do, the process is very streamlined. You will need to have your current address on file at the local County Tag office, as well as proof of up-to-date liability insurance. Residents of the Atlanta area need to meet the additional emissions inspection requirement before accessing online renewal.

To complete the online application, you will need the “renewal identification number (RIN)” found at the bottom of your mailed notification. If you don’t have an RIN, go to the state website and input your license plate number, name, address, and zip code.

You can choose to pay with a credit card or electronic check.

Once the online process has been validated, the DMV will send you new tags over the next 5 business days. Keep your printed renewal confirmation on hand until the new tags arrive.


Renewal By Kiosk

Several counties in Georgia participate in a renewal by kiosk service. To check if your location has a kiosk, you can visit the DMV website. The process is hassle-free. Simply scan your GA driver’s license or your renewal notice, select how you wish to pay, and then print your new tags. Keep in mind that to renew by kiosk, you need to have proof of auto insurance, matching addresses, and, if applicable, proof of an emissions inspection on file at the DMV.


Applicable Georgia Auto Registration Fees

Any GA state driver who undergoes the process of renewing their automotive registration is required to pay fees that depend on the type of vehicle, license plate, and a 10% tax. If you decide to complete your vehicle registration online or by kiosk, a convenience charge is included

There is a $5.00 penalty for late registration renewals.

The process for renewing your vehicle registration in GA is easy, because you have a variety of options. Whatever method you choose simply have all the aforementioned documents ready to go.