Replace Car Registration

There may come a time when your current vehicle registration, which you thought was tucked away somewhere safe, has vanished. This can be a flustering time, especially if you believe your registration has been stolen instead of misplaced. Fortunately, the process for a vehicle registration replacement in Georgia is straightforward. This article will outline the steps you need to take to receive a replacement GA vehicle registration as soon as possible.

Important Notice

A vehicle registration is a highly important document. Thus, driving without one comes with a certain amount of risk. Please remember this. If you are caught driving without a registration, regardless of the excuse, there is a risk of extra fines and tickets for the violation. Also, a stolen vehicle registration, license plates, or stickers need to be reported immediately to the local police department. This prevents any fraudulent behavior and may come in handy if an insurance company needs to see the police report.


How to Replace a Stolen or Lost Vehicle Registration

Unfortunately, at the present, residents in Georgia cannot request a lost, damaged, or stolen vehicle registration online. You are required to either appear in person to receive a vehicle registration replacement or mail in the necessary documents. Because every county in GA has individual rules and regulations, it is recommended that you first contact the DOR tag office nearest to you. The representative will be able to tell you whether mail or in-person is the suitable method.


Replacing in Person

If you prefer to handle the situation in person, you must go to the local county tax commissioner’s office. You will need to bring with you the Form MV-5, also called the Application for a Replacement Registration Certificate. On the application, you will be asked to write in your name, birthdate, address, county of residence, the VIN number, driver’s license number, and license plate number.

For those who have multiple owners listed for the vehicle in question, all of the owners have to accompany you to the county tag office, and they each must provide their GA driver’s license or a suitable ID card.

The fee for vehicle registration replacement is $1.


Replacing by Mail

Mailing in your application is also doable, as noted above. Do note, however, that some counties might not accept mailed in applications. Others have various rules. Typically, drivers with a stolen or lost vehicle registration are asked to fill out the Form MV-5 (Application for a Replacement Registration Certificate) and mail it to the county tax commissioner office.

You may also be allowed to submit a letter stating the following:

  • General information of the vehicle registration owner – name, address, birth date
  • VIN number
  • License plate number
  • A letter explaining the situation (stolen, damaged, or lost vehicle registration) and the need for a vehicle registration replacement.

You must also send the registration replacement fee of $1.

For both scenarios of submitting in person or by mail, the time it takes for your request for a replacement automotive registration is based on the county. You will have to wait a couple of business days if submitting by mail. Going in-person means obtaining a replacement that day.

Overall, while losing a registration or finding out it has been stolen can be mortifying, receiving a replacement is relatively hassle-free. Be sure to print out the application and other required documents on hand before going to the Georgia DOR tag office nearest you.