Drivers License Name Change

How to Change Your Name on Your License in Georgia
People often change their names because of a marriage. Sometimes, people change their names because they just grew tired of their old one. If you live in Georgia and recently changed your name for any reason, it is imperative that you obtain a new drivers license that reflects your new name. Using the information explained below will help you to do exactly what is required by the state so that you are not driving around with inaccurate information that could lead to a penalty if you were ever caught.

To start with, you will want to make sure that you follow the guidelines set forth by the state by having your updated license in your possession no more than 60 days from the date that your name was officially changed. Whatever date is printed on the documentation that accompanied your name change is the date that the state will refer to for this requirement.

There is no reason to bother trying to change your name on your license by going online or making a call. You are welcome to try, but you will be wasting your time. The only way to knock out this errand is to show up and wait in line at your nearest Department of Driver Services office. Also, check the date that your license next expires (listed on your license). If that date is coming up within the next 150 days, Georgia expects you to go ahead and renew your license in order to change your name on it.

If your license does not expire within the next five months and you are getting ready to leave your house and head to a DDS office, you first want to make sure you have every piece of documentation that you will be asked for when you get there. First, make sure that you have your current drivers license that was issued by the State of Georgia. You also need to show proof that your name was legally changed by the courts. Examples of acceptable documentation for this requirement include an official state-issued certificate, a certified marriage application, and a certified marriage license. If your name was changed because of a divorce, then you can use a certified divorce decree.

When you are compiling all of the necessary documents, make sure that each one of them is an original document and not a copy. If you try to use a copy of any one of the documents listed above, your attempt to change your name on your license will be rejected. You will end up having to go home and retrieve the originals, costing you time and money for gas.

After you have the correct documents in your possession, it’s time to head over to your local DDS office and begin waiting in line. Keep in mind that different times of day have different wait times. Check with your local office to find out what hours are considered typical peak times. When your number is finally called by a representative, you will be asked to show that person all of the documents listed above. As soon as your request for a name change to your license is approved, you will be issued a new license right there on the spot.

In most cases, there is no fee to change your name on your drivers license in Georgia. However, the state only allows you to do this once without a fee during the period between each renewal of your license. This fee varies and you must check with your local office for the amount if this applies to you.