Change Vehicle Registration Name

Public transportation in Georgia is insufficient thus when there is a chance to buy your car; then you should make it happen. When you buy or wants to transfer a vehicle or change name, you have to apply for your title or transfer and vehicle registration to get a Georgia license plate. The process to change vehicle registration varies depending on the type of vehicle or if the motorists are new or residents. There is a time limit of 30 days to obtain the license plate whether you are moving to Georgia or moving from a specific country to another then you are obligated to per the Law. The current resident will have seven days to present the documents.

Also, possession of certain documents in Georgia calls for the need to update the necessary personnel when relocating to a new place. The documents include driver’s license, vehicle certificate, and vehicle registration card. Updating the address is the first thing one has to do. In this case, the relevant faculty to let them know is the driver, revenue, and Motor vehicle departments. For the temporary registration, drivers have to apply for motor vehicle registration documents before thirty days are over.


 Change of GA vehicle name

GA Motor Vehicle Division handles vehicle registration. Online services are offered to help people, or it can be done in their county Tag office. Online services offered include vehicle registration, replacement, renewal and more. In most cases, GA DDS ought to be aware of the change of address in 60 days when possessing an official GA driver’s license. Before you change vehicle registration, one has to update their driver’s license, permit or ID.

One may need to apply to change vehicle registration for transfer tags for example license or plate from an old vehicle of ours to a recently bought car. You can change vehicle registration and title in person or by mail. Thou some counties prefer it in person. In person, certain vehicle registration requirement such as GA vehicle name, current driver’s license, proof of name change from maybe marriage certificate, vehicle insurance, vehicle inspection, filed title application and license plate. Also, divorce decree or court order if applicable and lastly a fee of $18 when changing the name, but on the address change, it is free. Vehicle title or the Tag application can be obtained from the MVD website. The mentioned vehicle registration requirement is to be presented to the local Georgia County Tag office.

By mail, to submit name or address changes then the following have to be available; vehicle title or the tag application, updated GA vehicle title, copy of current driver’s license, court documentation showing name change and the fee. The documents are supposed to be sent by mail to the County Tag office.


 Other Important information to know for vehicle registration

An owner of a passenger vehicle or a motorcycle is expected to pay a fee of $ 20 yearly. Vehicle’s ad valorem tax can also be paid to in case registered with the tax system. Vehicle tax increases or decreases depending on the current value of the vehicle. If it is a new car, taxation is once.

Vehicles exempted from registration include mopeds, motorized carts, off-road vehicles and all-terrain vehicles. Non-residents or visitors can operate their vehicles for a certain period without registration. The non-residents have 30 days while visitors 90 days. For the non-resident Military people and non-resident students, there is no need to register the vehicle. As long as the license plate is appropriate to home record.

In conclusion, there is need to change vehicle registration when necessary.