7 Tips For Selling a Vehicle Private Sale

Pricing, advertising, and even negotiating are each important when selling a vehicle. Compile these three factors together and exchanging your old car for cash is simple. Use the seven tips below to help sale your vehicle via private sale quickly and hassle-free.


Tip 1: Know the Market

Some vehicles are easier to sell than others. A convertible won’t easily sell mid-winter but is a hot commodity when summer heat rises. Sedans and mini-vans are never a ‘hot commodity,’ but are easily sold since families and others who want an inexpensive, safe vehicle flock to them. Trucks and SUVs seem to bring the highest value when selling and maintain a constant demand.


Tip 2: Know Where to Advertise

People won’t buy your vehicle if they’re unaware that it is for sale! Advertising your vehicle in all the right places ensures that someone scoops the vehicle up sooner rather than later. Create an online listing or two advertising the vehicle. Place a photo in the ad to draw attention and list as much information about the vehicle in the advertisement as possible. There’s a plethora of websites to place your ad, including social media, e-commerce sites, and more. Place ads locally for more interest. Don’t stop with online advertising, however. Place ads in the local newspaper and publications, on billboards at the supermarket, and on message boards. Tell friends that the vehicle is up for grabs to create even more interest.


Tip 3: Research Pricing

Pricing your vehicle competitively is just as important as all other aspects of selling the vehicle. You must research pricing before determining the amount of money you’d like to bring in for the sale. The Blue Book Value of the car is certainly a tool that helps price the car, but there are so many other important factors that determine how much you’ll earn for the vehicle sale. Expect potential buyers to negotiate the deal as they scour for the best price for their vehicle purchase. Prepare to accept an offer less than what you’ve priced the car. Most sellers price the car a bit higher than what they want for the vehicle so negotiations are possible.


Tip 4: Create an Attractive Car

Buyers know within the first few seconds of seeing your vehicle if it is one they’ll pursue further. That first impression has never been so important; make it count. Clean the vehicle, inside out, to create that appeal. Wash, vacuum and detail service are beneficial and working out any scraps, dents, and dings can certainly create more interest in the vehicle. Make sure to wipe down the tires, clean the mirrors and windshield, and make sure that the dashboard and other internal components are cleaned.


Tip 5: Create a Great Ad

Include as much information about the vehicle as possible when creating your ad. Little words have big meaning when used the correct way. Tell people the vehicle make and model, condition, year, features, and the asking price, and put a ‘For Sale’ sign in the window to gain more attraction. Many people add an “OBO” after the asking price, alerting customers the price is ‘or best offer.’


Tip 6: Maintain Safety

Trust your gut instinct when selling a vehicle by private sale. Screen buyers when speaking to them over the phone, social media, text, or by email. Be wary of anything that doesn’t seem quite right and meet the potential buyer at a public location if possible. Bring a friend along for the meeting and alert family members and/or friends where you are meeting and who you are meeting. Gather full name, telephone number, and address from anyone test driving the vehicle.


Tip 7: Be Easy to Reach

If a customer is interested in purchasing the vehicle, make sure that you are available for them to look at and drive the vehicle! Respond to emails and/or texts promptly, reply to messages from social media and always answer those calls. If a potential buyer is unable to reach you, they’ll quickly move onto the next vehicle.