10 Tips For Getting The Best Deal on a Used Vehicle

Your car may have lasted 10 years or longer. It’s time to trade it in for another vehicle, but the used-car market is a huge place. You may not know where to start with your purchase. To find the best deal on a used vehicle, follow these top tips. Being prepared for the purchase is the first step toward a car that you can afford.


Try Third Parties

Look for used-car advertisements in your local area. Private sellers tend to have more negotiating power than dealerships. Ask for an appointment with each person so that you can see the car in person. A low price can be had when you point out any flaws on the car.


Go Online

Going online for a car deal is another way to locate that perfect vehicle. Both dealerships and everyday people add their listings to certain websites. Type in the make and model of your desired vehicle, and several pages might pop up that pertain to your search.


Visit the Traditional Lot

You can always visit the traditional, used-car lot. Most experts would agree that you should have an idea of the type of car and price range you prefer before heading to the dealership. When it comes to used cars, you never know which make and model will be available. Be open to other cars if your favorite type isn’t on the lot.


Compare Multiple Quotes

Regardless of the location of your used-car purchase, always ask for multiple quotes across several sellers. These price quotes should be on similar vehicles so that you can fairly compare them. Look for the best deal that offers as many features as possible.


Be Pragmatic About the Purchase

It’s easy to let your emotions rule during a car purchase. Buying any vehicle is a thrill. However, be reasonable about the negotiation. If the price isn’t moving in the direction that you prefer, don’t be afraid to walk away from the seller.


Research the VIN

When you do find a potential car, take some time to research the VIN or vehicle identification number. A quick search on your smartphone or computer will tell you if the vehicle has been in any accidents.


Set a Maximum Price in Your Mind

Price negotiations can quickly spiral out of control when you get close to a final purchase. Ideally, set a maximum price in your mind before you arrive. If the deal starts to get too expensive, you’ll immediately recognize it.


Negotiate the Final Price

Get down to the final price by asking for a written document. When both parties have the numbers in writing, look over every detail. Be sure that the numbers and features are exactly described as they were discussed. Sign your name on these documents to finally purchase the car.


Ask About Trade-In Vehicles After Sealing the Deal

Once you’ve agreed upon a price, bring up the fact that you have a trade-in vehicle. You’ll be able to negotiate a better price on the trade when it’s not bundled with the car sale.


Work the Business Angle

Every dealership has sales goals each month, quarter and year. In fact, daily goals might be part of their organization. Visit a dealership on the last day of their fiscal year. They want every sale possible to fill out their goals. You might snag a great deal that way.

There are hundreds of cars in your region right now. It may take some time to find the right vehicle, but it can be yours with some research and clever negotiating. After purchasing the used vehicle, you won’t need to repeat this task for many more years.