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    Vehicle Bill of Sale

    If you live in the state of Georgia, you will need a bill of sale to show proof of the transaction. A motor vehicle in the state of Georgia must be registered within 30 days, [...]
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    7 Tips For Selling a Vehicle Private Sale

    Pricing, advertising, and even negotiating are each important when selling a vehicle. Compile these three factors together and exchanging your old car for cash is simple. Use the seven tips below to help sale your [...]
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    Paperwork Needed to Sell a Vehicle

    It can be a big life-changing event to finally decide to let go of a car or truck you’ve been wanting to sell for awhile, especially if the car was a so-called money pit. It [...]
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    Preparing Your Vehicle For a Sale

    Selling a car that you need to sell can be a wonderful accomplishment, but you have to do it right if you want the transaction to go smoothly. The following are five tips that you [...]

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Reinstate Suspended License

How to Reinstate a Suspended License in Georgia When you commit certain driving violations, the state of Georgia can deem that your drivers license should be suspended. You may have either accumulated too many points […]

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Drivers License Change of Address

So you are moving. I am sure there is a checklist of things you need to accomplish to ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible. This list includes, but definitely is not limited to, […]


Drivers License Name Change

How to Change Your Name on Your License in Georgia People often change their names because of a marriage. Sometimes, people change their names because they just grew tired of their old one. If you […]


How to Obtain a Georgia State ID

Someone performing a simple web search, using the terms “Georgia” and “state-issued ID,” will bring up the website for the Georgia (GA) Department of Driver Services (DDS). It’s here that you can find the requirements […]